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Meet The Team

Erin Martin

Multi-Media Project Manager, Development Consultant

Ericka Martin 

Digital Marketing Manager & Branding Specialist 




Social Media Manager & 

Editorial Assistant

Our Publisher

Hello Friends,

This is truly, near and dear to my heart. It has been for many, many years…and now it’s finally here!  It is my prayer that people smile when they read page to page, the many stories from engagements and wedding announcements, to people expressing their own personal stories of success. I also hope that you can use our consulting services as you begin to publish your own unique stories.


You have no idea how excited I am and this is just the beginning! I now implore you to take a moment and think about what would like to share with your community and beyond.  After all… we all have a story.

Kelly Ragin

Founder, Publisher & Editorial Director

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