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Blanche recalls their love story:

“In 1991, I moved from California to Georgia. This was a new and exciting time for me. It was quite a long drive; not to mention that my car didn’t have any air condition. But I was determined to buy me a new car. Once arriving at the dealership, I saw him. There he was, this smooth talking, good looking to the eye “choc-o-latte” man offering to assist me in buying the perfect car. He was pleasant, gave me a good deal and said I reminded him of his favorite cousin.

So, since it was my idea to move to the wonderful South, I purchased my first home solo, moved in and enjoyed living the single life. I still thought it would be interesting to see if I could reconnect with Mr. “Choc-o–Latte”. Mr. Brown and I connected and started dating in 1996. As the saying goes, “and the rest is history!”

It was fun, a world wind of winning and dinning. Trips to Charleston, Europe, and house parties at his cousins’ home. It was bliss. So needless to say, we took the next step. We made a decision to try our hand at living together. We decided to get married after one year of living together ….and off to Vegas we went! Just the two of us. After a few years of marriage, the marriage dissolved. We both moved on, as we learned that one must “keep it moving”.

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