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Did Someone Say Chocolate? --Highlights and Recap of Hank Stewart’s Annual Hot Chocolate Affair

Last month, The Hank Stewart Foundation hosted the annual Hot Chocolate Affair, bringing out local eateries in Atlanta that each put their special twist on dishes using—you guessed it, CHOCOLATE! The MyStory team is full of foodies, so we had to be there to see what the hype was all about (and to eat some food!)… Needless to say.. the event was EVERYTHING!!!

When we arrived to the affair, the best culinary artists came out to share their love of good food, innovation, and inspiration. It was so refreshing to see chefs of all ages and backgrounds come together to present their fun dishes art in such a sophisticated setting! Businesses showcased their special chocolate featured recipes, while the chocolate fondue fountain, candy bar, and other dishes filled the air with sweet and savory scents.

After stuffing our faces with various creative dishes from Spicy Chocolate Macaroons to Chocolate Covered Bacon Bites and Barbacoa Beef topped with a chocolate fudge glaze, the crowd moved to the auditorium to enjoy some relaxing entertainment.

Lovely trumpet sounds filled the room playing our favorite classic tunes and got us in the mood for the man of the hour, Poet Laureate Hank Stewart. Hank recited a few poems, including a heartfelt piece dedicated to his “Big Mama”, which was sentimental and closely relatable.

Chef G. Garvin and co-host Gwen Mason hosted the evening and announced the winner of the “Chocolate Artist of the Year” Award. Three winners out of the many talented contestants placed and were acknowledged for their intriguing hot chocolate dish.

After the affair, we interviewed the 1stplace winner, Ms. Jordan Mason, the owner of Kalani’s Delicious Delights, who shared some of her background and personal experiences . Here’s what she had to say:

“Kalani's Delicious Delights has been on a venture to find our true purpose for quite some time now.  After attending college, I found the importance of being my own boss and discovered that entrepreneurship was definitely the path for me. After becoming a wife and mother, I realized even more the importance of setting my own schedule. The combination of creating wealth paired with magic-making in the kitchen was the ultimate recipe for success.”

MS: What is Kalani’s Delicious Delights’ specialty?

KDD:Our specialty is our Stuffed Strawberries, filled with a burst of surprise that will cause anyone’s taste buds to sing.

MS: Who is Kalani’s Delicious Delight’s targeted audience and what are some of your goals for them?

KDD: Our audience is simply for any foodie looking for a treat beyond their imagination. It’s for one who desires to have a total experience with delicious culinary delights. Our goal is simple: To create a "WOW" factor. Our treats are crafted in special hopes that consumers will take a step back, gaze at my delicious delights and respond, "Wow, I didn't expect that". 

MS: What are some personal goals for your business?

KDD: I hope to obtain storefront properties throughout the U.S., to secure advertisement in major markets, and with word of mouth advertising being my leading marketer, we also hope to align with community organizations for give back programs. This will create mentorship opportunities for others looking to discover their purpose.


MS: So what was your response to being the winner of the Hot Chocolate Affair Contest?

KDD: I couldn't believe it! I was honored to stand on the stage with some of the finest artists that Atlanta had to offer; I've been impressed with their work for a long time. I sincerely didn't expect to win. I was hoping to place, so when celebrity Chef G. Garvin didn't call my name for 3rdor 2ndplace, I knew that there was nothing for me. When he said, "… And the Culinary Artist of the Year, goes to Kalani's Delicious Delights.", I was looking around wandering who said my name. It was totally surreal!!

MS: Have you been a part of the Hot Chocolate Affair before?

KDD: No, I have never been a part of this element of preparing food for the Affair. I grew up as a Stewart Foundation youth and watched many great leaders fulfill their dreams. Now, it feels as though I am one of them.

MS: That is so inspiring! Have any opportunities presented themselves to you since the event?

KDD: The event was absolutely magnificent! The atmosphere was exceptional, the aromas were mesmerizing, the people were so kind and thoughtful. It was so much fun and the energy was electrifying.

Becoming the 2018 Hot Chocolate Affair's Chocolate Artist of the Year has been our biggest accomplishment. Since the affair, many holiday orders have been placed. It was amazing because my Egg Nog was a huge success and I received an enormous number of clients that requested delivery service off of that product alone. I have secured an opportunity with Jared Jewelers to provide Kalani's Delicious Delights for their upcoming Gala. It has been wonderful!

If you are also interested in Kalani’s Delicious Delights, they may be reached at (678)-837-9007 or on Instagram @kalanisdd.

Be sure to continue to support Hank Stewart in the future, as his events are filled with purpose and passion. For more information, visit

Thanks for reading!

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