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Martez & Erica Wedding Celebration

Martez & Erica

A few of us returned to the hotel from dinner and decided to hang out for a bit in the lobby. Martez and I shared a few glances from across the room. Suddenly, he approached me using that good ol’ Southern Charm. After a few laughs, we exchanged numbers and decided to continue our conversation in private.

Throughout the duration of the conference, we spent our free time together and became better acquainted. From that moment going forward, we knew a flame had sparked between us!

As two vibrant HBCU students, we were striving to begin our professional careers. However, that’s not the only goal we were seeking to achieve. We completed our academic careers miles apart and managed to keep in touch. Unknowingly, holding onto a bond which laid the foundation for the love we share today.

Ironically, in June 2014, we were reunited by an email from a mutual friend. God gave us a second chance at love that we just couldn’t pass up! We then began to exchange instant messages, scheduled FaceTime dates which quickly turned into road trips and Delta SkyMiles​!

Six years later and we’re still kicking it! Our friendship has matured, our relationship has flourished, and our bond is stronger than ever. This is only the beginning and on May 27, 2018, we’ll unite as one and continue our love story as The Waldon’s!

Martez and Ericka will unite in Holy Matrimony in Atlanta, Georgia.

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